Friday, July 7, 2017

YL Summer Rally

My daughter and I are excited to be a vendor at the YL Rally where we will have 100% wool dryer balls for your laundry! YL attendees can click the image of the wool dryer balls on the right hand side of this article, to take you directly to our Etsy store. We offer 14 different color varieties.

Many times people will ask…What are the benefits of using dryer balls? Below we wanted to share with you a few highlights of the benefits of these 100% wool wonders. 

• Hand felted and 100% natural
• No chemicals
• Fragrance free – great for people with sensitive skin or allergies
• Reduces drying time, and saves money on electricity
• Decreases wrinkles, and softens clothes
• Reusable
• Saves money by eliminating the purchase 
How to Use Wool Dryer Balls
Use three at a time to absorb moisture, rotate clothes, and provide better air circulation. They will pill, but that means that they are working. Store them in a
well-ventilated container.

Do Wool Dryer Balls Work in all Types of Dryers?
Yes, but the size of the laundry load, model and make of the machine will determine their efficiency. A newer machine will have better efficiency but you can reduce drying time by at least 30%, even with an older machine.

How Can I Recharge my Dryer Balls?
You can recharge your dryer balls by washing them in hot water on a gentle cycle and then dry on high heat. This will regenerate the wool and give the dryer balls a fresh recharge.

Can I add Essential Oils?
Yes, add a few drops of essential oils to help scent your clothes. It is normally recommended 4-5 balls for small loads and 5-6 balls for larger loads. Splash a few drops of essential oils onto your wool dryer balls. Let the essential oil soak into the dryer balls for 10-20 minutes before you use them. The more the oils are absorbed into the dryer balls before use, the more slowly they will be dispersed in the dryer, and slower is better!

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