Sunday, March 16, 2014

Backyard + Deck

This weekend we went to the flower and patio show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. My husband and I have been "dream" planning for our backyard and thinking of some additional ideas that we could do to make our deck and back porch more private (we live on a corner 1-acre piece of property). We just love our neighborhood. Our neighbors are wonderful and when you drive down the street, especially during spring, summer and fall, you just feel like you are in a park like setting. But yet each year we search for that one additional idea that we could add to our property to make it a more entertaining focused for when family and friends come over for a cookout. 

One idea we found was a wooden privacy screen. It is not actually a screen but slats of wood that you could grow flowers upward, vegetables and what drew my husband even more to it was hops (he is a home brewer).

There were so many design ideas that local landscape architects and companies created that we just wish money was no object. But as most of know...budget is key. 

In the meantime of dream planning we can across some of the most beautiful flowers. Spring fever set in full force even more last night...and just waiting for this Thursday to arrive, because now we can officially call it Spring! 

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