Thursday, November 14, 2013

Duck Tape Crafts

The new "big" thing in our home is duck tape! Alex received a birthday surprise at our family birthday celebration. It was a bag full of duck tape, not just the silver kind we grew up with but the duck tape that is in various colors and patterns. You can go down any of the department store/craft aisles and find different styles of duck tape patterns. 

This summer on vacation, the girls learned how to make duck tape wallets and key chains which was a great deal of fun when sitting out on the porch (and as a car activity) enjoying the lake view on a cool afternoon. 

My interest peaked as I thought to myself, I should look on Pinterest to see if there are any additional ideas that might be fun to create with duck tape. Little did I realize all the different things that kids (and adults) can make. A new world opened once I started really looking and researching it. But doesn't that seem like most things anymore?

The girls and I created a Pinterest board of various duck tape project ideas that we liked, so please come over and browse our board of ideas. 

We would love to hear from you too, in the comment section below, of the various things that you have created with duck tape. 

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