Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On a Mission

Petunia and Marigold delivered their first box of donated items to Riley Hospital for Children! They were truly two sisters on a mission to deliver the "surprises" to the Child Life Nurses that we have been talking with over the past several months.

In order to purchase the "surprises" which included art supplies, coloring books, note pads, crayons, Mad Libs...the girls decided that they wanted to make handmade items and then sell them, with all the proceeds going towards the purchase of supplies for the kids at the hospital. The girls raised $60 and each time that they sold something the money was placed inside of a special jar that we decorated.

The Monday before we delivered the supplies, the girls counted their money to decide if they had enough to go shopping. And of course the answer was yes! Being a mom who is so proud of her daughters and the kind hearts that they have become, we made it a day. We kicked off our morning by having lunch out and then going shopping, with Alex keeping track of our budget so that we did not over and were not too far under as well. There was so much excitement in selecting notebooks/supplies, sharing with others in the store of what they were doing...why they were gathering supplies (and for what ages of kids), how they raised the money...and in all honesty brought tears to my eyes, especially when we were checking out. The girls had made wonderful selections that would fit all ages of children from babies to teenagers.

As we share with you an update on our family project, tonight after dinner we created a new item to sell in our store. Be on the lookout because these handmade treasures are well worth the wait. We hope to have a couple of them placed in our storefront this week! 

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