Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sir Oliver's Favorite Treat

Sir Oliver Walter joined our family early this winter. He came from a foster mom who had taken him when he was a puppy because she found him abused.

Now Sir Oliver is five to six months old (we are guessing). He has grown quite a bit from when he joined us that late Sunday afternoon. Sir Oliver is absolutely the most sweetest BIG puppy. A BIG puppy that loves to cuddle in your lap any day or night...and is so fascinated by the leaves blowing in the wind.

Yesterday we decided to make our sweet puppy a little bakery treat, and came across this Pumpkin + Peanut Butter recipe that we must say he absolutely devoured. We have learned that pumpkin is a good source of vitamin for dogs, as well as, helps with farting if your dog farts often.

The only thing we would change next time is to make the dog biscuits a little larger because our hearts were almost the size of the bottom of his mouth, so we need to break them in half. The girls thought the hearts would be a good size for him and for Valentine's Day coming up, when actually, we need to make them a little longer and possibly shape them as a large dog bone. But all in all it was really a good recipe and everything is natural with no preservatives.

One important thing to remember when looking for the flavor of a dog biscuit is to make sure that you allow it to cool down completely when pulling it out of the oven, because if it is placed in an air tight container and still a little might allow mold to develop on the biscuit, and make your dog sick. But otherwise, an air tight container is very important to keep them fresh.

Have you made treats for your favorite pet? If so, what have you made?

Our senior cats Harley and Colby have been very patient with Sir Oliver so we are looking for just the right kitty treat for them.


  1. You weren't speaking from experience about the mold were you? :) We need to arrange a doggy play date!

  2. No we did not have an experience from mold. Just thought it was an interesting comment when reading about making homemade dog treats. As well as the storage of them and what recipes need refrigerated, etc.