Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Little Gift Idea

Right before school was let out this past school year (early May 2011), my daughters class put together a basket for their teacher. All families were asked to contribute a little something for her as a special token of thanks, nothing fancy. In addition, each child was asked to draw a picture and we would place it into a classroom scrapbook and give it to her on the last day of school.

I kept trying to think of something that a teacher could use that would be usable for her future classroom. Many thoughts came to mind, but then for some reason I would decide against it. Then it dawned on me...what about a cotton fabric lanyard (with a split key ring and a nickel-plated lobster clasp) that could put on as she was taking the kids to the playground, a place where her keys would be accessible quickly, or really if she wanted to use the lanyard for personal use rather than school related too.

My daughters and I made this cloth lanyard. They selected the fabric, and I of course sewed it together. I think it is a great usable gift that can be used for so many different reasons not just for teachers but for babysitters, medical staff, coaches, employees who swipe cards for work, college students, teenagers, tokens of thanks at bridal or baby showers, and a good ole walking around the neighborhood or block too.

I enjoyed making it so much that I made a few others and have them in my storefront.

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