Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flashback: Our 1980s Hair Barrettes

My husband is totally outnumbered in our home with three girls ruling the roost! Sometimes I just have to chuckle at the things he is so very patient about, and I must truly give him credit for the patience that he possesses. I am sure it is is not very easy at times. I can only imagine what my dad must have gone through with three women in the home, but of course we were so easy to raise (hahah. I know there must have been times that he truly wondered about us) but he is a very patient man.

Recently the Hi Mamma girls came across a tutorial that literally took the "mamma" back to the 1980s when she was in elementary/middle school. It was the ribbon slide hair barrettes.

Growing up I remember my mom and I sitting at our game table in the family room, and braiding the 1/8 inch ribbons through the slide barrettes to match our outfits. Our school colors were green, silver and white, so of course when spirit day arrived, we had to be coordinated. But we also had hair barrettes to match our outfits with our leg warmers and bluejeans. Oh the memories!

When I saw the tutorial by Birdsong Bows, I knew that I had contact her for the tutorial so that I could be refreshed on how to make the slide barrettes for my daughters. Once I made my first barrette it all came back, and the fun that we have been having making the barrettes... with the various color combinations and beads.

I encourage you to visit Birdsong Bows and witness the great tutorials and hair accessories that she has for sale. Her tutorials are wonderful, well written and very easy to understand with great photographs.


  1. We had oodles of those barrets and were quite obsessed with them as I recall! What ever happened to them?

  2. I honestly do not know...we probably wore them out and had seen their better days!