Thursday, March 10, 2011

6 Hands Create Special Cards for the Gray Matters Foundation

Back in February I shared with you a special project that my daughters and I were going to be making for the Gray Matters Foundation, handmade cards. We have been working hard and our six busy hands have created a few cards to place in the mail this week. The girls have been so excited in helping get these ready, it truly has been a teamwork project.

Happy Birthday Cards that are made with two different sizes of buttons.
The cone is a beige colored stock that is really an upside down triangle.

These cards say warmest wishes, happy day, thinking of you and from the heart.

Remember the "art toy" that while your paper is spinning around in circles (in a special holder) you can drop in different colors of paint, and when you drop in the paint... designs are created? I remember having one when I was in elementary school and just loving it. Of course, we had to get one so that we could carry on the tradition of spinning paint. You can really create some awesome color combinations.
 If you are interested in making handmade cards to send to the Gray Matters Foundation, we wanted to share with you the guidelines and the address.

Gray Matters General Guidelines: Gray Matters would like cards that are blank inside so they can be personalized and shared with patients and family. Envelopes are always appreciated. Cards of a cheerful, celebratory nature are encouraged; these are sent to patients after completing a treatment such as chemo. "Happy Anniversary" cards are appreciated, and are sent to celebrate every year a patient has beat his or her diagnosis. Cards containing sentiments such as "happy birthday," "thinking of you," and "thank you" are also needed to help spread the love. Card designs for all ages are very welcome, and don't forget the guys: masculine-themed cards are always needed.

The cards can be sent to the following address:Gray Matters Foundation
5403 W. Poinsettia
Glendale, AZ 85304

Happy Crafting!

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