Sunday, November 7, 2010

Multi-Colored Gems + Felted Snowflakes = Beautiful One of a Kind Ornaments

This past week, we had snow flurries which I could not believe, we typically do not have snow until after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas day. It did not accumulate on the ground (which I think my husband would have been so excited if it did because he just loves the snow) but it had everyone in shock that it was actually coming down in a pretty fast rate.

While it was snowing outside, my daughters and I decided that we would make snowflake ornaments. The snowflake ornaments that we made, was a good project for my three and six year old daughters to do together. I actually think they had more fun just looking through all the different gem colors and deciding which gem would go on which area of the snowflake, and coordinating it altogether.

At our local craft store, we purchased precut, felt ornaments and then at home we had a large bag of multi-colored gems. The idea was to select the different colored gems and to glue them onto one side of the snowflake, allowing it to dry, and then turning over the snowflake and glueing more gems on the reverse side of the snowflake. The beauty of the snowflake ornaments was that each snowflake that was created, was different, just as each snowflake coming down outside was different as well.


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