Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Modern Handmade Online Publication Celebrating Handmade Living!

Modern Handmade Child is a seasonal online publication celebrating handmade living in a new way. The mission of the magazine is to provide a fun and valuable resource helping families to embrace the handmade way of life, by intertwining the skills and values of days gone by with the trends and technologies of today. The editors and contributors come together from around the world, including Europe, Australia, Canada, and many parts of the United States (including here in Indiana)! Yes, guess what, I have joined the staff of Modern Handmade Child, where I will be spearheading the PR department for the quarterly published magazine.

This online publication is free and can be seen below along the side bar of my blog or you can also view it free at

Each issue offers different themes where you can see items that are handmade, read how-to articles, learn trends, and much more. Each issue has something pertaining to wear, dwell, play, create, celebrate, share, work, meet, taste, care, explore and work.

I have enjoyed reading the past two issues, look foward to reading the most recent third issue that just arrived, and helping out with the fourth issue.