Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

I am starting my new years resolutions early this year, really only a couple days ahead but who is counting right? My resolution is to keep my NEW "Hi Mamma Designs" blog current in 2010. It seems so weird to think it will be 2010 in just a few days, doesn't mean that when the bell drops in NYC that I will be awake... but in spirit I will be there.

I started Hi Mamma about 3 years ago. I have enjoyed it a great deal, met a lot of wonderful and supportive artisans at the same time. Be looking for new postings on a regular basis as well a new products that I am working for friends, family and clients!

Hi Mamma Designs was launched on pro handmade website called Etsy. Really has developed from the sales on Etsy. I have learned a great deal about selling retail as a small business owner. Something that is totally different that working for an ad/pr agency or even a professional service company. Yes, I am use to budgets, deadlines, writing/editing, graphic design, and creating different marketing items (I love it and it is in my blood), but yet it was a little different than making something handmade 100%, sitting at the sewing machine and creating from a concept. I guess you would say, I am a true entrepreneur by heart, but I think it is in my blood!

One of the groups that I belong to on Etsy is Etsy Mom's. I am participating in a promotions that will begin December 31, 2009 - January 3, 2010. Hi Mamma will be offering free shipping for the purchase of ANY two baby changing pad covers (prints or solids - one of both, the choice is yours). This offer also includes any custom orders of baby changing pad covers.

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